Title: "Energy Efficiency Enhancement of Routing Protocols in MANETS "

Page(s): 19 - 28
Authors: Mr.Santosh ,Prof. Bharathi. M


AAbstract:The area of mobile ad-hoc networking deals with devices equipped to perform wireless communication and networking, but without any existing infrastructure such as base stations or access points. Networks are formed on-the-fly devices can leave and join the network during its lifetime, devices can be mobile within the network, the network as a whole may be mobile and the network can be deformed on the fly. All this needs to be done without any system administration and without the requirement for any permanent devices within the network. In MANETs, the nodes make the mobile and battery operated. Since the nodes have limited battery resources and multi-hop routes are used over a changing network environment due to behavior of the node mobility, it requires energy aware efficient routing protocols to limit the power consumption, make longer the battery life time and to improve the robustness of the system. In this paper we evaluates the performance of well-known and widely investigated in terms of energy efficiency and it also proposes a new routing algorithm that modifies AOMDV and it provides better performance compared to all the protocols in the presence of scenario with high traffic and long simulation time.