Page(s): 10 - 14
Authors: Govinda Rajulu Lanke,Dr.T.Bhuvaneswari


Abstract— Business Intelligence (BI) is the key attention of in-depth application of enterprise information. This paper analyzes the necessities and difficulties in putting business intelligence into SMEs information, proposes small and medium enterprises BI application solutions in the use of software distribution method. BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (Bl) is one of the simpler technology terms to understand. However, getting it right has proved to be one of the more difficult tasks for companies, large and small, to achieve. In simple terms, Bl is all about taking the volume of data that every company collects on a daily basis and turning it into a form that can be understood by decision makers. The ability to use historical information to make business decisions is the fundamental basis of a business.By transforming data into information and bringing together disparate sources of valuable information so they can be analysed. BI can enable SMBs to gain timely access to high quality, reliable business data and metrics. That enables them to make better-informed decisions, whether dealing with customers, suppliers or internal processes. Fundamentally, Bi enables companies to more easily identify and reduce costs and to take guesswork out of decisions that help drive top-line revenue growth. Keywords: Decision Support Systems (DSSs), Data Warehouse (DW), Business Intelligence (BI), Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Smart Business Systems (SBSs), Business Intelligence Systems (BISs).