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Authors: Mr. M.Hareesh Babu,Ms.M.Bharghavi


Abstract :With the increase in Internet Technologies, great amount of information is following electronically everyday over the network. Information security is a way to protect information against its confidentiality, reliability and availability. Hiding exchange of information is an important factor in the field of security. Cryptography and Steganography are two very important methods for this purpose and are both used to ensure data confidentiality. In Steganography a cover media is used to hide the existence of data where cryptography is used to protect information by transferring plain text into cipher text. Here we discusses some proposed methods, implementations of different embedding techniques and two different ways for hiding data and also a comparative analysis is made based upon some security variables. Text Steganography is applied on XML files and is further encrypted using a cryptographic algorithm. Keywords:Steganography, Cryptography, Encryption, Decryption, Cipher text, Plaintext