Institute for Engineering Research And Publication which is a unit of Vigyan Vidya Education And Research Trust (VVERT) runs peer reviewed open asses journals with a vision to globalize the innovation of its research delicates. IFERP is one of the largest professional association to conduct number of technical events and conference in India and the articles are published in IFERP transactions and proceedings. Being a publishing unit IFERP needs its journals in various fields and micro discipline of engineering for which we have requested ISSN India to grant us ISSN as well as permission to run our journals.

The publishing unit of our organisation has applied for ISSN in month of September 2014.

The first series titled as “International Journal of Engineering Research in Computer Science Engineering”. IFERP aims to maintain its series of journals and transactions to relevant fields of engineering and technology with a vision to promote and share the cutting edge knowledge in field of science engineering and technology.

IFERP receives hundreds of research papers from top technical, engineering and research institute and the research forum of our organisation gives its best to review analyse and modify the research work.